Working with clients is a fulfilling process - I get to know new people, am invited into their environments and get to determine their needs, likes and dislikes. The design process begins with a discussion about what the client wants and doesn't want, and what he/she needs and doesn't need. If possible, I like to see the space where the piece will reside.

Next I develop ideas through research, sketches, and sometimes a maquette or prototype. I then make wood and finish samples for the design and bid on the project.

Upon client approval the building process begins. A full scale drawing is done to determine shapes, forms, jointery, and the best possible process. Then comes careful selection of woods, milling of rough material, machining of jointery, assembling parts, shaping, carving and finishing. Throughout the process the piece continues to evolve and define itself.

The final outcome reflects the whole process and conveys the personalities of the client and myself.


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