My hope is to create a beauty that is true and pure, and resonates in the mind inescapably. Seduceing the senses through the opposition and balance of forms, textures, and content. To create pieces that are raw and honest and express the perfection in imperfection. Layered with reference to nature, culture, creativity, life and living, they are meant to be monuments to our existence.

As a child of two cultures, Japanese and Anglo American, one of my interests in furniture making is drawing from the design aesthetics of diverse cultures. Most recently I have been involved in designing and making pieces that have a similar spirit as primitive art. I admire the innocence and honesty within this work and hope to speak in a similar voice.

I have an innate need to create three-dimensional objects. It makes me feel that I have accomplished something. Furniture is the perfect medium for me to work with because I enjoy having my work interact with people.

I love to carve wood. The silence, the control, the search for form, the texture, the trace of man's interaction, a record of the creative process--a moment frozen in time.

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